ROULETTE STRATEGIES Over 10 tips & tricks in the test

Millions of people around the world play roulette. However, all players not only have in common that they are crazy about the French game with the little ball. Probably every player has at some point thought about possible roulette strategies in order to increase their winnings as possible. Resourceful traders have of course long since taken advantage of this trend and have sold some very windy roulette tips for a lot of money. This can now be saved very easily, because we have taken a closer look at all known and less known strategies for roulette and of course also tested them for their effectiveness.

Fortunately, our experts have put almost every imaginable roulette strategy through a performance test and analyzed the results. Of course, we don’t want to keep this to ourselves, but share it with you so that you can play roulette effectively and successfully with real money . In order to be able to give an impression of which strategies have been examined in more detail, the three best-known systems should be briefly explained here:

With the right strategy, you can really clear away online

Martingale game

The martingale game is probably the most prominent roulette game method of all time. It was used for the first time in the 18th century, and at that time the game “Pharo” was mainly used for this tactic. The bet is always only on the simple chances, whereby the stake is increased in each case of loss. As a rule, betting is on the Perdante, i.e. the chance that was last lost. If, for example, Black fell in the last throw, then the bet is usually now on red. If, for example, one chip is lost, two chips are placed in the next round. If a profit has been made, the next round starts again with a chip.

D’Alembert strategy

The D’Alambert strategy is known in technical jargon as the Progression d’Alembert. This is a very similar strategy to the Martingale game. As long as profits are made, only one unit is consistently placed. If the stake is lost, it is increased by one unit in the next round. If there is then a win, the unit is deducted again in the following round. But if you lose again, then one more unit is bet for the next roulette game at

Trending game

For quite a few players, the trend game is considered the best roulette strategy. However, this is not so easy to generalize, because this system is mainly suitable for experienced players. Here the player not only relies on any sequence of bets, but tries to orientate himself on the trend of the numbers. From a statistical point of view, there are advantages because some numbers fall significantly more often than others on one day. The trick now is to recognize and exploit these trends as early as possible. Since this requires a lot of experience, not every player will be able to handle this tactic. But that doesn’t matter, because we have taken a closer look at over 30 different tips & tricks, as well as strategies.

How promising are the strategies at all?

Of course, it’s not true that all casino strategies work equally well. Of course, this does not usually have to be told to any player, but newbies can be dazzled by the promising words every now and then. To prevent this from happening, a simple questioning of the strategy presented often helps. Are these steps even feasible? Where are possible weak points? Most of the time, the bad tips & tricks fall off the grid anyway, so that more time can be used to study the promising strategies .

Note betting limits

The betting limits of the respective casino should also be taken into account here, as so many roulette strategies unfortunately fail. Before starting with real money, every player should first check whether it is possible to play roulette for free in the casino. Here, the favored strategies can then be checked and scrutinized in the best possible way – without having to use your own capital.

It is well known that no strategy can prevail against luck

Your own strategy

Even if many prefabricated strategies are already making the rounds, every player should always strive to acquire their own playing behavior or their own system if possible . This has the advantage, for example, that this can be precisely adapted to your own betting or playing behavior. Of course, it can’t hurt to look for a few suggestions and tips for existing strategies.

However, players can also benefit from their own strategy if, for example, possible bonus offers are included. As our casino bonus comparison shows, every provider now has offers for their players.

Even if this is not a direct part of the strategy, these casino bonus offers should always be considered.

Your own strategy usually brings the greatest success

Strategies create a sense of achievement

In our online casino comparison you cannot find a provider who does not have the popular French table game in their portfolio. So it’s no wonder that there are numerous strategies and techniques for the casino classic. However, the wheat from the chaff is separated from the chaff very quickly, as only very few systems last in the long term. The fastest way to find out exactly what these are with Casino Cowboy, because all strategies and gaming systems are carefully checked and tested here.